Why Sports is Loved Universally

Off the top of the head, many people will tell you they love sports simply because of the entertainment provided and the distraction it provides from real life. It is also true that competitive sports stirs a passion deep inside people, whether as spectators or participants. But much deeper, human beings love sports for a number of reasons.


With the news media inclined to feed so much negative headlines to the masses on many occasions, competitive sports continues to provide inspiration with its myriad “David versus Goliath” storylines and rally-from-behind last second wins. Such performances inspire people to believe that in spite of the scandals, wars, and political battles going on, there is hope.

Also, athletes are people who strive for excellence always. Watching athletes in action inspires people to lift their standards of performance a little higher every day.


Wins, losses, and gutsy performances touch the core of human beings’ emotions. Watch fans of a team that has just lost a big game and their downcast emotions will convey to you the loss they feel deep inside. Conversely, fans celebrate wins like nothing else in the world matters.

Team allegiances run deep, and with such bonds come strong emotions.

Nothing is impossible

Sports lets people believe in the impossible; that miracles can happen. Every now and then, an underdog comes around and defies the natural order of things and smites the mighty giant. It is this ask aspect of sports that leads many to believe that nothing is impossible.

Natris Morris is an avid fan of sports and a former wrestling coach for the Tigers Wrestling Club in Urbana, Illinois.

Fostering an Entrepreneurial Spirit

When it comes to entrepreneurship, many people desire to open their own businesses and strive to make them successful. Armed with go-getter attitudes, entrepreneurs see potential where everyone else doesn’t, and go out of their way to network with other professionals to see their goals come true. These attributes are crucial to finding success, and can go a long way if fostered alongside the following qualities.

Self confidence

Confidence is absolutely crucial finding success as an entrepreneur. You will be required to rally the troops at all times, something that can only happen if you have faith in yourself and can demonstrate to others that your input is essential to teamwork.

Open minded

Entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of having reservations about ideas coming from people other than themselves. They are open minded and willing to listen to others in the pursuit of creating an innovative product/service. Entrepreneurship is all about seeing potential where others might not; do this more often and you are likely to uncover hidden gems.

Make things happen

Entrepreneurs are not all talk. They go out of their way to make things happen. They possess the “hustler” mentality; willing to put the long hours and cultivate a great work ethic towards whatever project is on their plate. Entrepreneurs are also resourceful people when it comes to making the most of opportunities and resources at their disposal.

Natris Morris is a hard working entrepreneur who owns a record label and a merchant account services company. He also dabbles in writing screenplays and wrestles occasionally.

Natris Morris: Reading Critically

Natris Morris is a business owner and a musician. He has written, recorded and released his own music, some of it on his own record label, and has also made it available for download form iTunes and other Internet-based music services.

He also likes to spend his spare time reading, and probably reads now more than at any other time in his life. He says that the older he gets the better reader he has become. He has learned to read critically, but is quick to say that this does not necessarily mean that he tears a work of literature apart and analyzes its structure for strong points and weak points. What it means, he says, is that he has a much better understanding of what the author has written, and is able to evaluate the work as a whole.

One of the things that Natris Morris pays attention to when he reads works of literature is the language that the author uses. This can be one of the great pleasures of reading, and as someone who writes and records his rap music he has a keen understanding of the power of the rhetorical use of words. He enjoys more than ever the turning of a good phrase, or the use of expressive language like similes, metaphors, and personification.

The structure of a good novel also has a great appeal to his sense of critical reading. Natris Morris knows that authors often tell a story out of sequence, not following a strict chronological path. The use of flashbacks or foreshadowing can greatly enhance the storytelling experience, and enable the reader to understand the linkage of the story's different elements.

Natris Morris - History Can Be Lively

Natris Morris says that too many people believe that history is a dry subject that is bound to put them to sleep if they delve for too long in a history book. But in his experience, history has many different levels, and can be a lively and seductive pursuit. There is so much recorded information about the countless generations that have preceded the present one that he thinks it is in the interest of everyone to study the past, to help them understand the present.

Everyone has their own interests and tastes, says Natris Morris, so there are past eras and events that should be of interest to just about everyone. It's a question of finding a niche. Some people might be fascinated by European and American history, and equally fascinated to discover that historical points of view are constantly evolving as new information is discovered and comes to light. Others might be interested in African American history and the experiences of the estimated twelve and a half million Africans who were kidnapped and forced into slavery. Still others, he says, may find themselves intrigued by the history of Native Americans and what is known about how the original inhabitants of the Americas came to modern-day North, Central and South America.

All of it can be endlessly fascinating, according to Natris Morris. And one of the interesting things about it is that there are often conflicting opinions about these and other historical issues; nothing, it sometimes seems, can be known for certain. And that is just one of the reasons why reading about history can be such a lively and seductive pursuit.

Natris Morris: Recording His Music

Natris Morris launched Cross My Heart Records after the release of his first album, also called Cross My Heart, which was released by Shatter Dreams Music in 2000. His second album Me & My Guys was released on his own label in 2004. Because he owned the label he had a lot more creative control over the final product.

Recording and releasing his own music was an expensive proposition. It has never been easy, but recording technology was not yet as simple as a software package bundled onto a laptop computer. As Natris Morris knows, the most important part of a good recording system is a high quality condenser microphone and preamplifier combination.

Really good ones can cost thousands of dollars, but an acceptable quality microphone and preamp combination can be had for about one thousand dollars or less. Natris Morris says it's a good idea to buy good cables and a pop filter.

Having a high quality microphone is an important first step, but Natris Morris says that it won't mean much unless it is properly placed during a recording session. A good idea for home recording is to have a small room, or even a walk-in closet, and line the walls with foam panels that soften the sound waves that bounce off of them and result in a much better sound.

During the actual recording, Natris Morris says that it is important for the rapper to stay still. Don't jump around or stomp feet or clap hands, because these things will make sound picked up by the microphone and ruin the vocal track. He says to save the energy for a live show.

When the time comes to mix the recording tracks, he says it is important to have good vocal compression. This is a process of reducing the dynamic range of the recorded voice, which will give them a much punchier feel. A good compression to start with is in the 2:1 to 4:1 range, with an attack of 7 to 10ms.